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$1M in Federal funding expands the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

Link to PDF version of this announcement Today, the BC Libraries Cooperative is very pleased to announce the receipt of $1Million to dramatically expand the impact of NNELS for readers with print disabilities! This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program – Disability Component, and will deliver the… Read more »

Participating Libraries: how patrons register for NNELS

Instructions for how readers with print disabilities can register for an account if their home library is participating in NNELS.

National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

NNELS is a publicly-funded library service working to make library collections accessible to readers with print disabilities in local communities. In December 2013, NNELS partners launched the repository of downloadable accessible format materials, now available through Canada’s public library network. NNELS is fully funded by the provincial and territorial governments of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba,… Read more »

Evergreen 3.5 Upgrade

BC Libraries Cooperative Support is pleased to announce that we have successfully upgraded to Evergreen 3.5 What’s New in 3.5 Sitka’s Evergreen 3.5 Documentation is now available at: Evergreen 3.5 Preview New Features Videos Sitka Training Upgrade Webinar sessions were held (April 28-May 1) about the new features coming in Evergreen 3.5. Sitka’s Evergreen Training… Read more »

BC Library Licensing Authentication Landscape – Challenges & Potential Future Directions

BC Library Licensing Authentication Landscape – Challenges & Potential Future Directions Scott Leslie, BC Libraries Cooperative, June 20, 2019  … Read more »

Of Wikis and Service Catalogues

This article is Part 3 of an ongoing series by Scott Leslie (BCLC Systems Manager) exploring IT at the BC Libraries Cooperative. When I joined the Co-op as part of their Systems team in 2013, one of the things that jumped out at me was that there was a working, active staff wiki in place…. Read more »

Disaster Recovery – Offsite But Not Out of Mind

(This is part 2 of an ongoing series exploring IT at the BC Libraries Cooperative.) Ah, Vancouver. To be surrounded by ocean, mountains, mild climate, expensive lattés (and high rent!). It’s home to many of the Co-op’s staff as well as our main server hosting facility located at Peer1. It’s also home to potential for… Read more »

Building a Private Cloud – Ganeti & CEPH

(This is part 1 of an ongoing series exploring IT at the BC Libraries Cooperative.) The Co-op is largely a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operation. Sitka, LibPress, NNELS – all of these are online offerings that libraries and their patrons make use of over the network without having to maintain their own versions. And like other SaaS… Read more »

2017 Open Source Contribution Fund Recipients

At the Co-op, we use open source software and technologies everywhere we possibly can. As a way to thank the communities that help build and maintain the software we use, we invite Co-op staff to nominate projects as recipients of small grants from our Open Source Contribution Fund. This year, the projects receiving those funds… Read more »

November 2016 Annual Co-op Staff Meeting

Co-op staff are distributed across Canada, and connected virtually throughout the day. While smaller staff groups gather regularly in the BC Lower Mainland, the whole team only comes together once a year – this year on November 24 and 25th. We made the most of the opportunity for a group photo!