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Board Minutes18.01.16

Co-op Board Teleconference
18.01.16 @ 1300 Pacific

In attendance: JS, MH, BY, DD; MM (joined @ 13:23) & BH (ex officio)
Regrets: SG, TT

  • Approval of agenda (JS/BY); approved
  • Approval of minutes (JS/BY); approved
    • ACTION: Post
  • Member Participation Component, if any (There was none)
  • Reports:
    • Operational Report (reviewed)
    • Finance Report:
      • FY16/17 DRAFT Budget for Approval (JS/MH); approved
        • ACTION: include for information with AGM 2016 package
      • Fee adjustment for Approval (JS/MH); approved
        • ACTION: Draft communications
    • Governance Report:
      • Privacy & Security Management Plan for Approval (BY/DD); approved
      • ACTION: Append to Policy manual; communicate to membership with next scheduled communiqué
  • Strategic plan:
    • Discussion regarding process and timeline
    • ACTION: Draft survey questions to next meeting
  • New Business
  • Next Meeting: Proposing Monday, February 22 @ 1300 Pacific re: dueling Family Days
  • Setting AGM date to develop timelines and deliverables: Friday, June 17 AM
    • ACTION: Communicate with next scheduled communiqué
    • ACTION: AGM 2016 Timeline for next meeting
  • Adjournment