Evergreen 3.5 Upgrade

BC Libraries Cooperative Support is pleased to announce that we have successfully upgraded to Evergreen 3.5

What’s New in 3.5

Sitka’s Evergreen 3.5 Documentation is now available at: http://docs.libraries.coop/sitka/

Evergreen 3.5 Preview

New Features Videos

Sitka Training

Upgrade Webinar sessions were held (April 28-May 1) about the new features coming in Evergreen 3.5.

Sitka’s Evergreen Training Server has been updated to Evergreen version 3.5 so you can log in to the training server to check out the new features before our upgrade on May 16 – 18th 2020

Training server URL and login credentials can be found here – https://bc.libraries.coop/docs/sitka-training-server-access/
(website login required).

Please note: this server is unsupported Sitka Support will not be able to respond to training server questions before the upgrade.