Evergreen 3.7 Upgrade

Co-op support is pleased to announce that Sitka’s Evergreen has been upgraded to to release 3.7.

What’s New in 3.7

Check out what’s new in 3.7 through our new features videos and updated documentation:

Evergreen Bugs & Projects

Co-op Support has gathered significant bugs, wishlist ideas, and projects for future development into one easy to view list. Before submitting a ticket take a look to see if the issue you’re experiencing is already listed.

Evergreen Bugs & Projects List

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing codes in the search library selector and where can I find a list that cross references that code to a library’s name?

The new staff catalogue uses the Library and Archives Canada codes (shortcode) in the search library selector instead of libraries’ full names. The Evergreen community is currently discussing how this could be changed in the future and where in Evergreen the full name should display versus the shortcode. In the meantime if you are unsure of what a particular Sitka library’s shortcode is you can find a complete list here.

I’ve run into an issue in the traditional catalogue, what do I do?

While the traditional catalogue is still available in Evergreen 3.7 the Evergreen community expects to be removing it entirely within the next year. We strongly recommend all library staff use the new staff catalogue and submit a ticket to Support if you run into an issue in the new catalogue.

While library staff can access and use the traditional catalogue Co-op Support will not be supporting its use and unable to assist if staff encounter issues while using the traditional catalogue. No new bug reports will be created for the traditional catalogue.

Why don’t I see the availability details in the search results in the new catalogue?

One significant change from the traditional catalogue to the new staff catalogue is how availability details display. The display of availability details with call number and shelving location in the traditional catalogue search results is a Sitka customization. To implement a similar feature in the new staff catalogue requires new development with buy-in from the wider Evergreen community. This issue has been logged as a bug with the Evergreen community and the Co-op will be monitoring this feature request.

Please post general questions to the Sitka Group and submit library specific questions to Co-op Support.