Evergreen 3.9 Preview

BC Libraries Cooperative Support is upgrading Sitka’s Evergreen to version 3.9.

Upgrade weekend: August 13-15, 2022

Exciting New Features and Bug Fixes in 3.9


    • Consolidated patron notes, alerts, messages
      • Patron notes, messages, alert messages, and standing penalties have been folded into one Notes interface.
    • The patron record editor now has a button to send a password reset email to the patron’s email address
    • Updated Holds Pull List
    • Preferred Name is now used in more places (holds screen, self check)
    • New library setting which allows you to set your library as the default pickup location for staff placed holds – this overrides the default pickup location in a patron’s account
    • New Check Out Workstation and Check Out Staff fields added to the Circ History List.
    • New options on Checkout receipt template
    • New options on Holds for Patron receipt template
    • Items Out receipt template field names fixed
    • Circ by year count has returned to Item Status Detail view
    • Streamlining of overrides (less clicks when performing actions on multiple items)


    • New Holdings Editor

Staff Catalogue

You’ll notice lots of changes to the staff catalogue, particularly the search results

    • Search Results
      • Show More Details button in search results
        • Call Number
        • Preferred library items are sorted to the top of the grid
      • Holdings count displays in the search results for preferred library
        • Makes searching our ILC zone and your library easier
    • Record Summary
      • E-item links now display in record summary
      • Search form is sticky and can now be hidden when viewing a record
    • Item Table
      • Age Protection shows as a name instead of an ID
      • Total Circ Count and Last Circ Date columns available
    • View Holds
      • Default columns are now in place
    • Holdings View
      • Copy counts are now correct
      • Total Circ Count, Last Circ Date, and OPAC Visible columns available
      • Active and Create dates are now separate columns so you can see both dates
      • Libraries that own items are bolded in the Holdings Maintenance drop down
    • New Record Notes tab
      • Use or don’t use that is the question
    • The old staff catalogue will no longer be available.  The link to the traditional catalogue will be removed.

Public Catalogue

    • New look for the Public Catalogue


    • Booking admin interfaces now have filters and the pull list grid settings now save


    • Admin Interfaces have been updated
      • Fund Administration
        • Funding Sources now have active flag
      • Claiming
    • Acq search column improvements
      • PO Cancel reason now shows name instead of ID
      • Date columns now include timestamp
      • Purchase Order column has been renamed to PO Name
    • Cancelling a lineitem will no longer delete an item from the catalogue if it has a status that is not On-Order