New Public Catalogue Testing Checklist

With over a hundred Sitka libraries we need your help to ensure that your catalogue is ready for the upgrade. Specifically we need you to make sure your logo and colours appear as expected and that text is readable.

Libraries using EDS or Bibliocommons, please take a look at your Evergreen public catalogue even if you don’t generally direct patrons to use it.

You can preview your new catalogue by going to New Public Catalogue preview and clicking on the link for your library. You can use your normal patron account to login to My Account.

If you answer “no” to any of the questions below please submit a ticket to Co-op Support before July 15th.  If you are submitting a new logo please send it as a png file.  If you are submitting a colour change please include the hex code for the new colour.


  • Does your logo display nicely on both computers and mobile devices?  Large logos may cause display issues on smaller screens.


  • Header – is this the correct colour and can you read any text that displays on it?
  • Footer – is this the correct colour and can you read any text that displays on it?
  • Search Facets – is this the correct colour and can you read the facet title text?
  • Buttons – are these the correct colour throughout the catalogue and My Account? Can you read the button text?
    • Note: Certain buttons are red in colour to indicate a cancelling or removing action.  These buttons cannot be customized.
    • Note: Certain buttons, such as Back and Next, are a very light blue.  These buttons cannot be customized.

Search Library

  • Does your library display as the default search library?
  • If you participate in BC ILC, does the entire BC ILC zone display in the search library drop down?


  • If you currently have a banner, does it display as expected at the top of the page?


  • Does your Library Home link go to your library’s website?
  • If your library has additional links, are they present and taking you to the expected website?
  • If you allow self-registration are the expected links present in the footer and on the My Account login page?

My Account

  • Does the text on the My Account login page match what you currently have?  (Libraries with unique login requirements have customized text here.)
  • For Overdrive subscribers, are the Overdrive API menu options for viewing E-Items showing under Items Checked Out and Holds?
  • For libraries that require restrictions on patron initiated editing, are the expected options In Preferences -> Personal Information disabled?