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Join Sitka or consider a Canadian Co-op hosted instance of Evergreen!

Sitka is a group of libraries in the Provinces of BC and Manitoba, Canada, using the award-winning open-source Evergreen software as their shared Integrated Library System (ILS).

100% Canadian, non-profit and member-driven. A comprehensive solution for libraries.

By sharing a hosted, comprehensive solution, Sitka libraries avoid capital costs and maintenance responsibilities, freeing more resources for front-line services. They benefit from highly qualified, dedicated support staff, and they have a direct influence on feature development.

Sitka is growing fast. It currently serves over 400,000 people across 120 service points in BC and Manitoba. 465,000 items were added to its database in the last year alone. The shared cost of this system is currently five cents per user per year. Every library that joins Sitka lowers this cost.

Current Sitka Libraries

Sitka Catalogue (whole consortia)

Please contact us for more information about Sitka or Canadian Evergreen hosting.