Co-op Support and Library Closures or Service Reductions During COVID-19

BC Libraries Cooperative staff currently work remotely and regular Support will continue to be available to you via email and phone.

Regular phone support hours remain 9:00am to 4:00pm PT Monday to Friday with emergency support available 24/7.

In the event your library closes due to COVID-19, the following are procedures for Sitka’s Evergreen:

Use the Emergency Closing option in the Closed Dates Editor to adjust your existing due dates

  • If you do not have a firm date for re-opening we recommend entering the current expected closure period and then adding additional emergency closures as needed.
  • If you have already entered one closure and need to extend the dates you will enter a new emergency closure
    • The starting day of the new closure must be set to “today”

Close Interlibrary Connect

  • If you participate in reciprocal borrowing through Evergreen (BC, Spruce, and Sea to Sky Interlibrary Connect), and you would like to close Interlibrary Connect, send a ticket to

Post an announcement on your public catalogue

  • A banner with a brief message can be applied to your public catalogue. Send a ticket to Support with your requested wording.
  • The library setting “OPAC login message” will add a message that appears in the public catalogue after patrons log into their account. Any local system administrator can set this up Administration -> Local Administration -> Library Settings Editor

Access Evergreen Remotely

  • As Evergreen is web-based the staff client can be accessed outside your library if staff are unable to access your library computers and still need to complete tasks, like setting up an emergency closure.
  • Please ensure you are using a secure connection when accessing Evergreen.
  • Evergreen is not currently accessible via mobile devices.

Batch Update Patron expiration dates

Patron Self-Registration

If your library will remain open and you want to extend loan durations

Please contact us at if you have any questions or need assistance with a library closure.