Evergreen 3.3 Preview

BC Libraries Cooperative Support is upgrading Sitka’s Evergreen to version 3.3.

Upgrade weekend: October 12 -14, 2019

Exciting New Features in 3.3

Web Client Admin

  • Web browser staff client settings and preferences now stored on the Sitka server, instead of in browser. Settings will follow users and workstations, and will not be lost if browser data is cleared.
  • Hatch is no longer used for local data storage, because settings will be stored on Sitka server, but is still recommended for printing in certain situations.
  • Emergency Closing Handler. Staff can create library closings that, in addition to affecting future circulation and booking due dates, and hold shelf expiry dates, will automatically move existing circulation and booking due dates and hold shelf expiry times.
  • Spine Label Sheet Printing. Cataloguers can print spine labels to 8 1/2 x 11 inch label sheets.


  • Inventory date can be added to items to facilitate the process of performing inventory. Staff can add an inventory date from the Check in screen or from the Item Status screen. This new feature will also store the workstation that was used when the inventory date was updated.
  • Patron Preferred Name fields added to patron record, providing increased options and flexibility.
  • Patron Name Keyword Search. An additional field for storing search terms in a patron record, plus the addition of a global patron name keyword search, that searches across all name fields.
  • Auto Renewal of Loans. Circulation policies can be configured to automatically renew certain items checked out to patrons. Items will be renewed automatically, up to a custom limit, and patrons will not need to log in to their OPAC accounts or ask library staff to renew materials.


  • Batch Actions In the Catalogue. Staff and patrons can select multiple records into a “cart”, and perform batch actions, including Place Hold, Print Title Details, Email Title Details, Add Cart to Saved List, and Clear Cart. In the web staff client, the cart actions also include Add Cart to Bucket.
  • French OPAC.

Example Bug Fixes in 3.3

  • Sorting improvements for printing the Holds Pull List.
  • Sorting fix for Hold Shelf and View Holds.
  • Item Status screen and Holdings View tab automatically updated after editing items.
  • Z39.50 and record bucket interfaces now open catalogue records in new tabs.
  • Added several missing columns to the patron bills grid, and to Items Out view.
  • Bill Full Details view now includes a billing location column for both circulation and grocery bills, as well as the owning library for circulation bills.

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Last Updated = 05/22/2019