Evergreen 3.5 Preview

BC Libraries Cooperative Support is upgrading Sitka’s Evergreen to version 3.5.

Upgrade weekend: May 16-19, 2020

Exciting New Features and Bug Fixes in 3.5


    • Mark Item Damaged and Mark Item Missing functionality has been enhanced, and the ability to mark an item with the Discard/Weed status has been added.
    • Check In – Backdating more visible
    • New Payment Type = Debit card
    • Library Links in Billing Details screen
    • New email notice to staff – Patron self registration
    • New email notice to patrons – Fine limit exceeded
    • Bug Fix – Fixes a display issue with the check out screen’s due date box
    • Bug Fix – Choose specific due date for check out no longer allows due dates in the past
    • Bug Fix – Notify by Email on the Holds Shelf populates with Yes/No
    • Bug Fix – Only holds that can be cleared shows for as Clearable Holds


    • The full MARC editor is now implemented in Angular
      • (Available in the Experimental Staff Catalogue)
    • Staff Catalogue Basket Export Option
      • (Available in the Experimental Staff Catalogue)
    • Bug Fix – The batch import/export interface allows users to view and edit the incoming MARC records while inspecting an imported queue
    • Bug Fix – Evergreen now asks users to confirm that they want to delete items that are in non-ideal statuses, like Checked Out


    • Experimental Staff Catalogue
      • Search templates
      • Shelf Browse
    • Update Hold Notification Information – The public catalog and staff client now have the ability to update existing holds if a patron or a staff member changes certain notification preferences or contact information. Evergreen will detect these changes and prompt the staff user or patron user and ask if they want to update existing holds with the new contact information and/or notification preferences.


    • New Angular Interfaces
      • Shelving Locations Editor
      • Group Penalty Thresholds


    • Workstation name is now stored in Hatch – If you need to clear your cookies Hatch will remember your workstation
    • Hatch print to file – A new stock printer called the Hatch File Writer translates print content into text and writes the data to a file on the PC in the Hatch profile directory.


    • Bug Fix – Refresh no longer closes the purchase order


    • Manage Reservations
    • Bug Fix – Usability improvements for booking reservations