Evergreen 3.7 Preview

BC Libraries Cooperative Support is upgrading Sitka’s Evergreen to version 3.7.

Upgrade weekend: May 15-17, 2021

Exciting New Features and Bug Fixes in 3.7


    • Test Notifications
      • Patrons and staff may request a test notification for a patron’s default email address or SMS number via the Patron Registration interface in the staff client or the OPAC preferences interface.
    • Hold Groups
      • Library staff may create lists of patrons that can then be used to place multiple title-level holds on the same bibliographic record.
    • Hopeless Holds
    • Staff Catalogue Place Holds interface is Angularized
    • Check In – Option to Make Effective Date of Check in Sticky
    • In-house use now records workstations
    • Preferred Name is now displayed prominently in the patron account


    • New Staff Catalogue – all cataloguing functions direct to new staff catalogue
    • Item Status Allows Pasting a List of Barcodes in csv Format
    • Publisher values are now extracted for display from tags 260 OR 264.
    • Bug Fix – MARC Search now respects the search library


    • The new staff catalogue is now the default catalogue
      • Search templates
      • Recent Searches
      • Open record in new tab
      • Basket To Bucket Action Now Allows Adding To Shared Buckets

Public Catalogue

    • Improved email and printing from the Public Catalogue
    • Read More Button
      • Public catalog record fields (in the TPAC skin only) now truncate themselves based on 100 characters. The full field may be displayed upon hitting a (Read More) link, which will then toggle into a (Read Less) link to re-truncate the field.


    • Filters have been added to Angularized Admin Interfaces
      • Shelving Locations Editor
      • Group Penalty Thresholds


    • Angularized General Search
    • Angularized Provider Interface


    • Patron Search added to Create Reservation
    • Filters have been added to the Booking Admin Interfaces


    • Reports now allow group subtotals and grand totals.
      • By checking the new “Calculate grouping subtotals” checkbox under “Output Options”, a new unlabeled row or column is created with the subtotals for each grouping and an unlabeled grand total row or column.