Evergreen 3.1

The Sitka Team successfully upgraded Sitka’s Evergreen to version 3.1 in 2018

Known Issues as of March 20, 2019

The following issues were discovered by Co-op Support and Sitka libraries during testing and release of the upgrade, and we will advise you once they have been resolved:


Columns Column width can no longer be adjusted on the fly
Usability Some screens are too long – you must scroll up
Usability “Open in new window” button does not work as expected



Check In Retrieve Last Patron can’t be opened in new tab
Check In Transit slip doesn’t always print address
Check In Slowness, gets slower as more items are checked in
Hold Shelf Holds shelf is slow to load and Show Clearable Holds screen is blank if clicked before hold shelf completely loaded
Hold Shelf Can’t sort Hold Shelf, you must export in order to sort
Holds When placing holds no notification methods are selected if patron record has been saved without re – setting the preferences since the 3.1 upgrade. We recommend staff and patrons restore notification preferences to patron record and save them when accessing the patron record.
Items Out No colours to indicate overdue items
Offline Downloading the offline patron block list causes an unresponsive page
Patron Account Library shortcode used instead of full library name in patron registration and edit



Deleting items “Items not found” show up after deleting items
Deleting items No alert when deleting checked out/lost copies
Item Status Missing automatic refresh after editing items
Spine Labels Spine label printing with the Dymo 450 doesn’t work if Hatch is enabled for printing
Spine Labels Spine labels print in random order
Z39.50 Fast Item Add doesn’t work from Z39.50


Public Catalogue

Copy Details Library sort order in copy details is unexpected.



Create Templates Boolean values pop-up no longer give prompt for True/False


It is not necessary to submit RT tickets on any of the above issues. Should you discover any additional issues, please contact Co-op Support.

3.1 Documentation

Sitka’s Evergreen 3.1 Documentation http://docs.libraries.coop/sitka/

Sitka’s Evergreen 3.1 Video Playlist