How do I Clear a Negative Balance Bill on a Patron’s Record?

December 9, 2016

The easiest way to clear a negative balance is to select the line item in the patron’s Bills screen, and click Actions for Selected Transactions → Adjust to Zero → Yes. For more information see You can also use Evergreen’s Refund option to clear a negative balance, or add a positive bill in equal… Read more »

How do I Delete Patrons?

The patron deletion tool developed by the BC Libraries Cooperative Support team is found on the Welcome or “Splash” page of Evergreen, the default view when you log in. You must login to the tool with your Evergreen Local System Administrator account. You can delete inactive cards and patron accounts, singularly or in small batches,… Read more »

How do I Check that Evergreen Sent an Email or Text to my Patron?

Emailed and texted messages are viewable on the staff client via patron or item records. To view these messages, called triggered events, for a patron, find the patron record and select Other → Triggered Events. By default, events with complete status for pre-due and overdue notices are displayed. You may need to wait a couple… Read more »

Patron Has No Bills, Why is There a Block on Account?

December 7, 2016

This can happen when a patron account has an old penalty that pre-dates current settings in Global Penalty Thresholds. You can simply delete the message and the patron’s record will be cleared. In patron account, select Messages> then highlight/select the relevant message>Select Actions for These Penalties/Messages>Remove Penalty Message. For more detailed information on managing Patron… Read more »

Can I Set or Change Maximum Items Out or Maximum Fines for My Patrons?

Maximum items out, maximum overdue items, maximum fines, and maximum lost items allowed on patrons’ accounts can be set by you in Group Penalty Thresholds. You access Group Penalty Thresholds via Admin > Local System Admin > Group Penalty Thresholds. You must be logged into Evergreen as a Local System Administrator to manage these settings…. Read more »

Check Your Check-in Modifiers

December 6, 2016

Check-in Modifiers are used to force certain actions when an item is checked in; they act to modify the basic check-in transaction to achieve a variety of potentially required outcomes. You may select or de-select Check-in Modifiers at bottom right of Check-in screens. The options are: Ignore Pre-cat Items: no prompt when checking in a… Read more »

Holds Selection Depth

December 2, 2016

Holds Selection Depth is the field that controls which range of libraries Evergreen will target a copy for a hold, which is useful information for troubleshooting a hold. The field is filled by Evergreen when the hold is placed. Selection depth 2 means within your regional federation or BC ILC or Spruce, 3 means within… Read more »

Why won’t the patron registration and edit screens load?

November 30, 2016

Working locations must be assigned to a staff account for that account to function properly. If a working location is not assigned to a particular staff login account, the registration and edit patron screens will not display properly. Local System Administration permissions are required to assign Working Location to staff accounts, so ensure you are… Read more »

Mis-scanned or Not Catalogued Message: What does it mean?

Staff sometimes receive the following message when scanning materials: “XXXXXXX was either mis-scanned or is not catalogued.” Some common causes are: 1. Barcode has actually been mis-scanned. 2. Item is not catalogued and so barcode does not exist in the system. 3. There was a space entered in the field where the barcode was scanned…. Read more »

Fixing the Bad Barcode Error Message

A bad barcode error message is displayed when the Strict Barcode check box at bottom of the screen has been selected. This checkbox is found on the Check In screen, Item Status screen , and In House Circulation screen. When this checkbox is selected Evergreen is expecting only 14 digit Codabar barcodes and alerts you… Read more »