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Why can’t I access the reporter?

December 7, 2016

All library staff requiring access to use Evergreen’s reporter or view report output need to first sign and submit the applicable Reporter Privacy Waiver.  Once the waiver is completed Co-op Support will grant reporter permissions to the applicable library staff account. If you have already signed the waiver, confirm that you are logged into the… Read more »

Can Reports be Emailed to Multiple Email Addresses?

December 2, 2016

Yes, you can send a report to multiple email addresses. Simply enter all the addresses into the field for “Send completion notification to this email address” with a comma separating each address. You can do this both with single run reports and recurring reports. Information on running reports can be found here.

Moving Reports to a New Staff Member

To move Report templates you will need to ensure that  the folders they currently reside in are shared with your library. Sharing them makes them visible to anyone at your library who has signed the Reporter Privacy Waiver and has access to the Reports interface.  The new staff member handling reports can then login and clone… Read more »