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How do I Check that Evergreen Sent an Email or Text to my Patron?

December 9, 2016

Emailed and texted messages are viewable on the staff client via patron or item records.

To view these messages, called triggered events, for a patron, find the patron record and select Other → Triggered Events/Notifications. By default, events with complete status for pre-due and overdue notices are displayed. You may need to wait a couple of minutes for the screen to load, depending on patron.

You can choose to view circulation or hold notices by using the drop down arrow in the filter on right of screen, or re-send notices, or cancel pending notices from this screen.

If the status of a particular event is complete, then Evergreen’s mail or SMS server has sent the notice, and no longer affects what happens to the message on the internet, or how it is delivered. If the patron’s email address or phone number is correct in their account and you have confirmed the notice has been sent , then BC Libraries Cooperative Support recommends you ask patrons to confirm local settings such as spam filters, which may be blocking BCLC’s email address, or their junk folders, and possibly request technical support from their ISP.

You can see more detailed information about patron notices at Patron Email and Text Notifications