Why do I see MARC Records in Staff Client Catalogue that My Library Does Not Own?

December 7, 2016

Evergreen uses local call number (volume) records, or an owning library scoping statement in the 856 MARC tag of an electronic resource, to determine which library “owns” an item associated with the MARC record. If a MARC record has no local call number (volume) record attached to it, and it does not contain an owning library statement in the 856 tag, then Evergreen has no way to know which library owns it, and relevant staff client catalogue searches at all Sitka libraries will retrieve the record. Public OPAC searches never retrieve these records, so your patrons will never find these records.

We affectionately call these “orphan records”. If you come across one and it is recently added, you can ignore it and assume a cataloguer at another library has not yet completed the cataloguing cycle and soon local call number and copy records will be added to it, thereby scoping search results to “owning” library. If you find one that is clearly very old, forgotten , and truly orphaned, it is OK to either delete it or report it to BC Libraries Cooperative Support and we will look after it.

The Sitka Training Manual has more information about all things cataloguing at http://docs.libraries.coop/sitka/_cataloguing_2.html