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Board Minutes 16.05.16

Co-op Board Teleconference
16.05.16 @ 1300 Pacific

In attendance: BY, DD, BH, SG, JS, TT
Regrets: MM, MH
(TT Chaired the meeting)

  • Approval of agenda (SG/BY)
  • Approval of minutes (JS/SG)
  • Member Participation Component, if any (There was none)
  • Reports:
    • Operational Report (reviewed & discussed)
    • Finance Report (verbal report given)
      • Audit status (verbal report given)
      • E.D. Revised Travel Expenses Envelope (JS/BY)
    • Governance Report (verbal report given)
  • Nominations status (verbal report given)
  • Pre-AGM Survey results (reviewed & discussed)
  • DRAFT Annotated AGM Agenda (reviewed & discussed)
    • Annual General Meeting timeline – next milestones:
      • May 13: nominations close
      • June 03: agenda package to members
  • New Business – reminder to bring forward a board communications discussion to the in person meeting agenda
  • Next Meeting: June 17th In Person
  • Adjournment (TT/BY)