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Website FAQ

Looking for some help with the website? Here you’ll find a list of some common issues and questions users may encounter. If we don’t answer your question here, please contact Support.

Common Questions

Lost your password? Reset it here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? You might be looking at the public view of the site. If you’re logged in, click on the appropriate menu option. You can also try using the website search.

Ready to update the personal information for your account? In the blue user badge in the right-hand sidebar, click ‘my account’. From there, click ‘edit’ and you’ll be able to add your job title, email address and phone number.

Notification Settings

As a Co-op member with a website account, you are automatically added to a number of groups on the site from which you may receive notifications. These include your own Library group, as well as any Business Function Groups (Sitka, Licensing) to which you belong.

You may want to reduce the frequency of email notifications you receive from these groups or stop them altogether. There are two places where you can control the settings for email notifications:

  1. General Co-op Web Settings
    To change the settings for your account for general notifications across the entire Co-op website, go to My Dashboard – Account Settings – Notifications, which can also be found at the URL https://bc.libraries.coop/contacts/YOUR-USERNAME/settings/notifications/ (replace YOUR-USERNAME with…your username)

    overall email notification settings

  2. Group Specific Email Settings
    You can also customize the email frequency for each group. Go to My Account – Groups (or the URL https://bc.libraries.coop/contacts/YOUR-USERNAME/groups/) and choose from one of the following settings:

    • No Email
    • Weekly Summary
    • Daily Digest
    • New Topics
    • All Email

    Per Group Email Settings