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Minimum Technical Suggestions

The BC Libraries Cooperative works to balance the needs for currency, security, accessibility, privacy and compatibility in delivering services to our members. As such, we make every effort to ensure the sites and services we offer conform to the following W3C Standards:

Most modern web browsers will support these standards. As a baseline, the Co-op uses file storage technology that leverages Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. Because the browsers listed here support this technology and also support the above W3C standards, we recommend using them with Co-op services.

There are a number of browsers and operating systems which do not conform to these standards, or which are problematic in their implementations, and so we do not recommend or support the following:

  • IE6 & 7 (the Co-op announced it could no longer support these browsers Oct 15, 2014)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Microsoft announced the end of support for XP in April 2014)

In addition to these recommendations, we recommend that organizations using the Sitka instance of Evergreen™ meet the minimum Evergreen System Requirements.