Custom Library Websites

The websites we build are based on extensive research on library user experience. Like everything else we build, these websites come equipped with simple yet powerful tools, full training, and top-notch support.

LibPress: our comprehensive website service for libraries.

Built for library users using WordPress, and hosted by the Co-op, our customized, accessible websites help libraries publish and update information both quickly and professionally.

Every website comes with rock-solid hosting, great search functionality that integrates with your catalogue, and features such as an events calendar that are commonly useful on library websites.

Libraries choose their own themes and colours, edit their own events, and write their own content except when they choose the shared content (website images and e-book how-to guides, for example).

To take a tour of some of current LibPress sites, please see the list of participating libraries.

Building Other Websites

See Development and Hosting.

Top LibPress Q+A

Can we change the navigation tabs at the top of the website?

We spent a lot of time researching and speaking with library patrons and staff to determine the most user friendly and efficient navigation. Your out-of-the-box LibPress is based on that expertise and we’re confident it’ll meet yours and your patrons’ needs. That said, we’re open to hearing about any specific changes you may need to the structure of your LibPress website.

LibPress has allowed website maintenance to be simple, and has been nothing but a positive experience.

– Hilary Bloom & Hannah Peirce, Squamish Public Library

Can we change the colours of our website?

During the planning and design phase for your website, you’ll work closely with our designer to decide on colours that work for you and your patrons. Once your website is live, we don’t anticipate you’d want to change those colours very often, but we’re ready to help with this if ever you do.

Will all the LibPress websites look the same?

No. And, sort of. Each site will have unique colours and logos as decided upon between you and our designer. Your content is entirely up to you and will be different for each library (aside from some common content that you may choose to include, more on that below). What will be the same for the websites is the structural navigation, which is based on user experience expertise and a wealth of research. Library patrons traveling around the province and visiting different LibPress websites will appreciate the familiar navigation. For more on this, check out our research on terminology and user needs in the LibPress group on the Coop website.

Will I have to create all of my website content from scratch?

No. You tell us which content you currently have that you’d like to see on your new site and we’ll transfer it over. We’ll leave just enough content for you to create on the LibPress as a way to familiarize yourself with the editing process. In addition, we’re creating centralized content that’s more or less common across most libraries. This includes eBook information and help and more. At any time in the life of your LibPress, you can easily choose to use this content or not.

Training and Support

To help library staff get up and running, training includes regular check-ups, scheduled webinars, and online videos and documentation.

Get Started

Pricing starts at $1500 for start-up, with low monthly fees thereafter.

To learn more about the service, including additional features, please contact Scott Leslie by email or phone 1 855 383 5761 ×1028.