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Connectivity is critical in the digital age, yet adequate broadband is always in short supply for our members, particularly those in rural or remote locations. Most libraries are faced with both rising costs and rising opportunities as a result of our increasingly-connected society.

Membership Benefits

We support our members in the following ways:

  • Expanding library access to fiber optic networks
    Since 2011, eligible public library members have had access CANARIES’s Optical Research Advanced Network (Canada’s fastest and only publicly-funded fiber optic network) through an agreement between the Co-op and BCNet, the body which manages this network in BC. However in 2019 BCNet changed its agreement to require any library wanting access to the network to become and independent BCNet member directly..
  • Providing technological expertise
    We share our information technology knowledge with member libraries, and help them develop strategic connectivity plans. For more information, please enquire about our Consulting services.
  • Testing technology
    We are currently piloting a hosted teleconferencing solution, based on our internal system, for the North East and North Central Library Federations in BC. We work hard to find open tools that work everywhere.

Whenever we can, we advocate for improvements for connectivity for the libraries and communities that need them. We also monitor initiatives such as Connect to Innovate and participate in regional and provincial task forces.

Do you want to grow your community’s connectivity? Maybe we can help. Please write to office@bc.libraries.coop or call 1.855.383.5761.