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Board Minutes 27.04.15

Board Teleconference 27.04.15 @ 1530 Pacific

In attendance: Baharak, Joanne, Melanie, Dan, Tracey, Heather, Mari, Ben
Regrets: Trevor

  1. Approval of Agenda (Consent)
  2. Approval of Minutes (BH/BY approved)
  3. Member participation component (There was none)
  4. Reports
    1. Operational Report
      • (Verbal) Update on BC Library Conference all-delegates reception
      • (Verbal) Update on promotional video
      • For information – Marrakesh correspondence; Audit status; 3M opportunity; Alberta Library Conference; AGM timeline
    2. Reports from Board Sub-Committees:
      1. Governance
        1. For approval – Travel Expense Policy – approved (DP/MH) as amended
          ACTION: amend; update policy manual and distribute to staff and board
        2. For approval – Anti-Bully policy – approved (MH/TT)
          ACTION: amend policy manual and distribute to staff and board
      2. Finance
        1. For information – Ministry of Education (BC) correspondence; audit update; VPL Licensing Administration Fee Request backgrounder
  5. New Business (there was none)
  6. Next meeting – May 25 @ 1530 Pacific via teleconference
  7. Adjournment (15:58)