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Board Minutes 30.03.16

Board Teleconference 30.03.16
Regrets: Tracey

  • Approval of agenda (BY/SG)
  • Approval of minutes (JS/BY)
  • Member participation component, if any (there was none)
  • Reports:
    • Operational Report (received)
    • Finance Report (verbal – JS/BH)
      • DRAFT member communiqué re: fees (reviewed & discussed; decision to issue to relevant members this month / pro-rate invoices accordingly (JS/BY)
    • Governance Report (verbal – Baharak/Ben)
      • DRAFT Governance Backgrounder
        1. Service Management Agreement revisions
        2. Rules revisions
        3. DRAFT Governance Continuity Policy

        Reviewed & discussed;
        ACTION: make edits discussed, then circulate for approval

  • Personnel Sub Committee (verbal – Melanie)
  • Annual General Meeting Preparation
  • Appointment of 2016 Nominations Committee (S.9.03 of the Co-op’s Rules)
    • Motion for approval (BY/DD): per S.9.03 of the Co-op’s Rules, we hereby nominate the following delegates in good standing, who are not seeking election at the 2016 Co-op AGM, to serve on the 2016 Nominations Committee:
        • Wanda Davis, Manager of Library Services, Cariboo Regional District Library;
        • Shirley Lew, Director, Library and Learning Centre, Vancouver community College;
    • DRAFT AGM announcement & Call for nominations (reviewed)
      • Nominations scenarios (reviewed)
    • Strategic plan – DRAFT initial member impression survey (reviewed)
    • Board advocacy in relation to communications objectives (Melanie)
      • ACTION: Bring forward to next in person discussion
    • New Business (there was none)
    • Next Meetings:
      • April 18th Teleconference (1300 Pacific)
      • May 16th Teleconference (1300 Pacific)
      • June 17th In-person (0900 Pacific); AGM (1030-1200 Pacific)
    • Adjournment
    • In Camera session (personnel); postponed