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2012 Call for Nominations – Cooperative Board & Business Function Groups

April 16, 2012

Seeking Nominees for our Board of Directors and Business Function Group Chairs

Successive committees and boards have lead the Co-operative from concept through success story since June, 2007. Join the board to help shape your Co-operative’s future or nominate an eligible member delegate!

The Cooperative is a non-profit community enterprise, strategically focussed on the delivery of shared operational infrastructure, management and resources for our diverse member organizations. Our exclusive services and innovative use of technologies enable our members to best serve their communities.

Our ninety-two member organizations include public, K-12, private and post-secondary libraries of all sizes, as well as First Nations schools, government ministries, school districts, trustee associations, cooperatives and library federations in British Columbia, Manitoba and the Yukon.

Our firm foundations include Sitka, a shared-service technology solution that currently connects over 400K registered users with nearly 2.5M physical and electronic resources in 126 communities, and online. We also aggregate participation and negotiate member-wide licensing agreements with vendors for an ever increasing range of quality electronic books and databases, social media, software and mobile applications.

In leveraging our success, we are increasingly partnering with aligned organizations, be they government ministries, Co-operatives, utilities providers, corporations, publishers, software development firms or non-member libraries.

We are seeking exceptional individuals to help guide us into the future!

To nominate an individual, and to learn more, please see the 2012 Nominations form