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Nominees for the Board

May 15, 2014

Greetings Co-op members,

Today, the Co-op’s 2014 Nominations Committee determined that, per the Co-op’s Rules of Association and the 2014 Nominations process, the three nominees for three vacant Director positions on the Co-op’s Board are eligible and qualified for appointment by acclamation at the 2014 Co-op Annual General Meeting on June 13.

With thanks to the three nominees and those who nominated them! The Co-op’s incoming Board Directors are:

  • Melanie Houlden, Chief Librarian, Surrey Public Library (BC public library >150K service population); Bio
  • Tracey Therrien, Director, Gibsons & District Public Library (BC public library <30K service population; Bio and statement
  • Baharak Yousefi, Head, Fraser Library, Simon Fraser University (BC Post Secondary library); Bio and statement

And thank you again to the members of this year’s Nominations Committee for their time and service!

  • Kathy Anderson, Coordinator, North East Library Federation and IslandLINK Federation
  • Stephanie Hall, Chief Executive Officer, Okanagan Regional Library & Chair, Association of BC Public Library Directors
  • Ross Tyner, Director of Library Services, Okanagan College

All the best,

Ben Hyman
Executive Director | BC Libraries Cooperative
ben.hyman@bc.libraries.coop | 1.855.383.5761 ext 1001 | cell: 250.889.2738
bc.libraries.coop | Twitter: @BCLibrariesCoop