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Announcing availability of 3M products

April 27, 2015
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Our mission is to help libraries help people, by making it easier for libraries to access the technology, ideas, content and expertise they need to deliver services to users.

We are pleased to announce that the Co-op is now offering access for any Co-op member to 3M Library Systems equipment, at a discounted rate.

Materials available through this offer include RFID tags, security strips, RFID conversion equipment, self check systems, detection systems, book drops and more!

Product lists are available with (member login required) and without (pdf download; no login required) pricing. Pricing is valid through Dec 31, 2015.

For 3M products, the Co-op will handle ordering and invoicing only; all shipping, support and additional requests will be direct between libraries and 3M.

Please note the following when ordering 3M products:

  • all 3M equipment comes complete with installation and all required software as part of the price
  • all 3M equipment comes with 12 months full, parts, labour, and software warrant
  • all 3M equipment comes with a full 100% money back guarantee if the equipment doesn’t work the way it should
  • all 3M equipment comes with full training and preventative maintenance visits 6 months after installation
  • technical service support, pre-installation visits, installation, and servicing is all included in the price of a product
  • samples, demos, contractor packages and installation images are all available through 3M

To order 3M products through the Co-op, please email: licensing@bc.libraries.coop

Interested in joining the Co-op? Please visit bc.libraries.coop/faq/ for more information.