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Last Call for Connectivity Consultant and Funding

August 26, 2021
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In March 2020 the Libraries Branch provided the BC Libraries Co-op with one-time funds for Digital Initiatives Projects, part of which were directed towards working with BC libraries to improve their connectivity and internal networking. It is now well over a year into these efforts and we will be winding them down by the end of 2021. Below are important information and dates about the current opportunities

Connectivity Consultant

Our Connectivity Consultant, Stephen Forrest, is contracted until December 2021. To date he has worked with over 25 libraries and helped many of them make marked improvements both to their external network connectivity and their internal networking setups.

If you would like to work with Stephen, your application must be received by September 17, 2021. We will not be accepting any new consulting engagements after that point to allow Stephen to close the existing engagements. If you would like to work with Stephen, either to improve your external connectivity or to look at other in-branch networking challenges, fill out the short form at https://digiprojects.libraries.coop/connectivity/connectivity-consultant/

Connectivity Funds – Top-Up and Network Hardware

In addition, the Co-op has been administering two funds which libraries can easily access to help resource their improvements.

As announced in May, the cap  on the Connectivity Top-Up Fund was removed and it can now also apply to various ongoing network services in addition to basic ISP fees. To apply visit https://digiprojects.libraries.coop/connectivity/connectivity-top-up-fund/

The cap on the Strategic Network Hardware Fund was also lifted, and libraries can now apply it to installation and other labour costs in addition to buying network hardware. Libraries can apply at https://digiprojects.libraries.coop/connectivity/network-hardware-fund/

For both funds, October 31, 2021 is the last date for applications. However, applicants are urged to apply much sooner as some of the remaining Connectivity funds may be re-tasked before that deadline.

If you have any questions about this work please feel free to contact the Co-op’s Systems Manager Scott Leslie at scott.leslie@bc.libraries.coop