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Member Communiqué – Spring 2016

April 6, 2016

Greetings members and partners. Several updates for you this Spring:

ImagineBC winner!

Thank you again to all who submitted ideas to the 2015/16 ImagineBC campaign! In case you missed the news elsewhere, it is our great pleasure to announce the recipient of ImagineBC partner funding for 2015/16.

Your Participation Matters: Strategic Planning Survey

In fiscal year 16/17, we plan to refresh our strategic plan. Please respond to the following preliminary survey by April 29th, to help us get started with the process.

Annual General Meeting 2016

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our AGM on Friday, June 17, 2016, from 1030-1200 Pacific. As in previous years, the meeting will be held in-person (Vancouver) and by teleconference. RSVP / register now and please watch for more information about AGM 2016 in the coming weeks.

Ebook Summit 2016

The 5th annual ebook summit will follow the AGM. RSVP / register now. Like last time, we will record videos at the summit and make them available soon afterwards. Please watch for more information about the ebook summit in the coming weeks.

Quality content, free for public libraries

The Co-op is a proud service partner to the National Network for Equitable Library Service, connecting Canadian readers with print disabilities to content in accessible formats. Join over 1000 Canadian libraries and partners working together to build an enduring collection of accessible titles. Public libraries in most provinces and territories are eligible to join at no cost, thanks to funding from NNELS partner jurisdictions. Learn more or attend sessions at these upcoming conferences:

BC: Why Accessible Library Service Matters in Public Libraries

AB: Excellent Adventures in Accessible Library Service

SK: Coming Soon

MB: Unlimited Access: Library Service with NNELS

Atlantic Provinces: Why Accessible Library Service Matters

Service fee notification – Sitka, LibPress and Website hosting

A fee backgrounder and notification is now available (you will need to be logged in to the Co-op website to access the notice) and will be of interest to members of the Sitka, LibPress and Website hosting service communities. Please contact Ben Hyman, Executive Director, if you have questions or require additional information.

New Privacy & Security Management Plan

A Privacy & Security Management Plan (PSMP) ensures that security policies and practices remain current as business needs evolve, and as technology changes. Beginning next fiscal, the Co-op will implement its new PSMP, providing an even more consistent degree of protection for information and technology resources.

Comings and Goings

We are thrilled to have welcomed 18 new members to the Co-op in fiscal year 15/16, and are also thrilled to have recently welcomed Brahmina Burgess to the position of Junior Software Developer! Brahmina has a BSc in Computer Science from University of Victoria and has over nine years of software development and web design experience. We bid farewell to Liam Whalen who has taken a new position at Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries.

Here’s to an excellent Spring, everyone!