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November 2016 Annual Co-op Staff Meeting

November 30, 2016

Co-op staff are distributed across Canada, and connected virtually throughout the day. While smaller staff groups gather regularly in the BC Lower Mainland, the whole team only comes together once a year – this year on November 24 and 25th. We made the most of the opportunity for a group photo!

Left to right: Kris Jorgensen (NNELS), Shannon Dineen (Co-op Support), Farrah Little (NNELS), Tina Ji (Co-op Support), Mark Bucholz (Sitka), Brahmina Burgess (Sitka), Scott Leslie (Systems), Jennifer Pringle (Co-op Support), Christine Burns (Co-op Support), Neil Firkins (LibPress), Marie Palmer (LibPress), Jonathan Schatz (Web Services), Tami Setala (Licensing), hidden somewhat: Jeff Davis (Sitka), David Ryland (Executive Assistant), Ben Hyman (Executive Director), Laurie Davidson (Licensing), Kevin Wooley (Systems). Absent: Sharon Herbert (Sitka), Sabina Iseli-Otto (NNELS)