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Formal Presentations and Informal Updates

Formal presentations and informal updates provided by members of the ILS Committee, the Sitka Team, Sitka libraries or PLSB:

  • Sitka for Trustees, BC Library Conference, 2011
  • Sitka and the BC Libraries Cooperative, BC Library Conference, 2010
  • Evergreen in BC Libraries: The SITKA Story; Evergreen International Conference, 2009
  • The Big Merge: Cataloguing in SITKA, BCLA Conference 2009
  • Going (Ever)green – SITKA Strategies for Success, BCLA Conference 2009
  • From Vision to Reality – The SITKA Cooperative Comes to Life, BCLA Conference 2009
  • BC Electronic Library Network Steering Committee, 2008
  • Netspeed 2008: Evergreen in BC Libraries: The SITKA Story
  • UBC SLAIS Colloquium 2008: Open Source Software for B.C. Libraries and Archives
  • Council of Post Secondary Library Directors – October, 2008
  • North East Library Federation AGM, 2008
  • IFLA 2008: Case study: The Evergreen Open Source Integrated Library System; its origins and significant implementations in the USA and Canada
  • Kootenay Library Federation Conference 2008
  • Prairie Partnerships Conference, May 2008
  • UWashington iSchool, iEdge 2008 Conference: Open-Source Integrated Library System solution in the British Columbia Public Library – B.C. Pines project
  • BCLA 2008 PreConference: Free beer anyone? … Leveraging the power of open source software for your organization
  • BCLA 2008 Panel Session: BC Pines – Implementation of the Evergreen open ILS for BC libraries
  • Access 2007: Open ILS, Web 2.0 and multitype provincial library initiatives in BC
  • Provincial-Territorial Public Library Directors Council 2008
  • Council of Post Secondary Libraries, BC 2008
  • Association of BC Public Library Directors 2007, 2008
  • Saskatchewan Single Integrated Library System Committee, 2007
  • Coucil of Post Secondary Library Directors – October, 2007
  • North Coast Library Federation, 2007 Evergreen session in Terrace
  • Beyond Hope 2007 / North Central Library Federation