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National Network – Living our Values

April 3, 2013
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In this month’s issue of Feliciter, Canadian Library Association (CLA) President Pilar Martinez writes about Living our Values. With respect to the values of universal access to library service and strengthening the community through collaboration, Ms Martinez references a CLA hosted day-long symposium to develop a joint strategy for implementation of a National Network for Equitable Library Service. The Cooperative was invited – and delighted – to attend the symposium on a snowy Ottawa day in February.

The symposium was a “…first step towards developing an improved understanding of what each organization is doing regarding equitable library services and how various stakeholders could work together. It was recognized that equitable library service provision is a public library responsibility, and that more details of each organization’s activities would be shared. Discussions continue concerning ways the various organizations can collaborate to fulfill this fundamental public library role in the most effective and efficient way.”[1]

Actions outstanding from the symposium have spring deadlines, mostly in time for further stakeholder engagement at the CLA conference in Winnipeg.

The Co-op’s work on the print disabled file features open tools, and is publicly available. Funded by the Provincial and Territorial Public Library Council, and endorsed by the Canadian Federation of the Blind – the technical overview and project faq may be of particular interest.

The Co-op thanks CLA for convening the stakeholders in Ottawa on this essential initiative, and for committing to follow-up. We very much look forward to positive, collaborative steps towards our common goal – excellent, sustainable and innovative library service for print disabled Canadians.

Yours in cooperation

[1] http://www.cla.ca/feliciter/2013/2/html/feliciter59_2_april2013.htm#11