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Why does my item have a blank check in/check out alert?

October 4, 2022

If your item has an odd blank alerts appearing at check out and check in for some items it is caused by an obsolete item alert field that is still saved in the holdings templates for some library staff.

When one of these holdings template is used the blank alert is created for the item with no way to remove it in the staff client. To have the alert removed contact Co-op Support and be sure to include the item’s barcode.

To prevent more items from being created with the blank alert you will need to have cataloguing staff delete their existing holdings templates and create new ones.

Instructions on deleting holdings templates can be found here.

We recommend having one staff member re-create the templates needed at your library and then exporting and importing those templates to all other staff who do cataloguing.

Instructions on sharing holdings templates can be found here.