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Why is there more than one bibliographic record for some titles?

December 16, 2021

While we strive to have one bibliographic record per title in the Sitka catalogue duplication does happen.

You may see multiple bibliographic records for a title when there are multiple editions and/or formats of the title. For example, a book that has been published as a hardcover, a trade paperback, and a mass market paperback will legitimately have three separate records as the information in each record, particularly the physical description, will be different.

For more information on this see our section Is It a Match? in Sitka’s Evergreen Policy & Best Practices Manual.

You may also find titles where there are multiple bibliographic records that are for the same edition and/or format. This can happen when a cataloguer forgets to check for existing records when cataloguing new titles. If you have the cataloguing skills to determine that these records are truly a match you can merge the records together using record buckets.

For more information see the section on merging bibliographic records.