LibPress Overhaul Project: Consultation Booking

Hello LibPress members!

The Project is underway and the first round of participation is full. 

Second round of 9 spots will open up in April for the summer months, June to August, This may be an ideal time to prepare your website for September–which is often thought of as the second New Year! Last round of 12 spots will be for September-December, to be announced in June.

The consultation process requires the following general steps over a 2 week period:

  1. completion of a worksheet to determine the current state of your site
  2. two-hour initial meeting on the first day of your selected consultation period – this is a full review of the entire LibPress template and what it offers, specific to your site; a look at your statistics and what they tell you; ideas of what can be done by you with the Customizer.
  3. followup meeting that week to discuss next steps, reviewing your worksheets, and to determine a new menu structure
  4. provide the LibPress Coordinator notes on how to revise the menu, creation of new content page templates, and stylistic changes.
  5. the second week, a meeting to review the progress, and request any customized documentation.

Note: Spots are filled! Thank you, new spots will be announced for the summer soon.

Please read the LibPress Overhaul Project – Overview for details of the project. To book your consultation:

  • Request a consultation period through the form below, including a first and second choice.
  • The LibPress Coordinator will contact you with a proposed date, and provide a Letter of Agreement to sign and return.