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Past Sessions

LibPress offers occasional webinars according to interest/demand, generally on new features that become available.

Please see The LibPress Manual for current information

LibPress & Accessibility: an Overview

This website took place on 12 September 2023 and was not recorded. The outline and all training materials are found on the LibPress Manual under the Accessibility Module

Description: As BC legislation on accessibility continues to evolve, LibPress members should begin work to identify barriers preventing equal access to their LibPress sites. In this webinar we will discuss assistive technologies, best practices for creating accessible content, and strategies for remediating the current content on the website. We will also review several tools that will help you check for access issues, such as user interface options and automated checkers.


Sample topics:

  • LibPress: A Refresher Session
  • New Features: Menu Management & The Customizer
  • TEC: launching Events Registration & Community Calendar
  • LibPress & Sitka: New books lists and SRC Events
  • Setting up a library program “Series” using the events management tool

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