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Support for Queen’s Printer Materials (BC Codes, VSIS)

Since 2015 the Co-op has taken over all support for providing in-branch access for public library patrons to BC Codes and the Vehicle Inspection Standards materials provided by Queen’s Printer. Below are some support tips in relation to these products.

1. URLs to Access the Libraries from Within Branch

For patrons to access these resources from within branch they must go to http://eresources.bclibraries.ca/bc-codes (http://eresources.bclibraries.ca/vsis will also work.) These are the ONLY two URLs that will work. Please do NOT copy-paste the URLs that are generated after you have followed these links – those have been autogenerated by ezproxy and will NOT work directly. Please also do not try to “deep link” into these sites – that will not work. Because of how the resources are set up by the Queen’s Printer, all access must come through the “front door” of the above URLs.

2. IP Addresses

Currently, access is restricted to “in branch use” only. This is determined via IP address of the person accessing the materials. Libraries are able to submit new IP addresses via this form. If you are trying to access one of the above links and you are met with a page asking for a username and password, it is almost certain your current IP address is not in the database of permissible addresses and you should  submit it using this form.

3. What To Do If You Are Having Issues?

If your patrons are having trouble accessing the materials from within branch, you should submit a trouble ticket. You can do so either by filling in the Support ticket form here, or else simply emailing sysop@bc.libraries.coop. Before you send in a ticket,the following information is useful to gather:

  • what IP address you are trying to access the materials from? The easiest way to determine this is to go to google and type “what is my IP address.”
  • what is the specific error you are encountering – are you met with a username/password prompt, or something else?
  • What is the URL you are clicking to get to the resources? What is the resulting URL you see after clicking on it?