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Licensing Business Function Group

Business Function Groups comprise members subscribed to a particular product or service. These groups provide members with a fair and equitable process for reviewing and prioritizing requests for changes/enhancements, making recommendations for annual improvement budgets and work plans, discussing issues and solutions, and reporting back to members about use of the product or service.

Licensing BFG Terms of Reference

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Adopted 26.03.2015


One of the main purposes of the BC Libraries Cooperative is to provide a collaborative procurement, distribution and management framework for the provision of library goods, materials and services for members. The Cooperative is built around the core philosophy of community-managed business solutions organized in discrete units.

Under the Cooperative’s Service Management Agreement, Business Function Groups are authorized to represent the interests of subscribers of specific Optional Services.

Licensing BFG Mandate:

The Licensing Business Function Group is a community of practice and a forum for knowledge transfer. It is also an advisory group for the Cooperative’s Licensing staff respecting the collective procurement, licensing and management of Optional Licensing Services.

The Licensing BFG will advocate for agreements on behalf of BC Libraries Cooperative Members that:
a) are cost-effective
b) are suitable and sustainable as Optional Services
c) reflect the priorities and concerns of its members, such as privacy, accessibility and authentication

and that may also:

d) capture Member input into feature developments and related priorities
e) provide flexible solutions and ensure maximum local content
f) be based on readily available, standards-based, cost-effective software and hardware
g) define and provide excellent support service from Optional Services providers

Scope of Authority:

As per Article 8.2 of the Service Management Agreement of the BC Libraries Cooperative, the responsibilities of a Business Function Group include:
1) representing the interests of the users of Optional Services; serving as a community of practice and a forum for knowledge transfer.
2) working with the Executive Director’s Office, to:
a)continuously improve the Optional Service(s),
b)review and prioritize substantive requests for changes to Optional Services,
c)develop recommendations for inclusion in annual Cooperative improvement budgets and work plans,
d) evaluate the Business Function Group’s activities annually and report back to the Board and the users of the designated services.


Membership in the Licensing Business Function Group is open to any Co-op member from the province of BC that has signed an Expression of Interest or is a consumer of an Optional Service managed by the Co-op on behalf of the members of the Licensing BFG.


Business Function Group” means a standing committee established by the Members Council to assist in the management of, and continuous improvements to, specific software and service solutions.
Optional Services” refers to those services defined in the Service Schedules to which a Member may choose to subscribe.
Participant” or “Subscriber” means a Member Organization that has executed an Expression of Interest for an Optional Service and signed a Membership Agreement with the Cooperative.
Service Management Agreement” or “SMA” means the written agreement of that name governing the Subscribed Services of the BC Libraries Cooperative 2009, all attached Appendices and all documents incorporated by reference therein, together with all amendments or supplements made in accordance with the provisions thereof.