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Sitka Reporter Privacy Waivers

In accordance with Sitka’s privacy policy and owing to the nature of Sitka’s shared Evergreen database, all library staff who have permissions for reports functions must complete an on-line privacy waiver. For most libraries, this means that every staff member must submit one waiver.

Before submitting a waiver, we ask all staff to review Appendix J of the Service Management Agreement to fully understand their responsibilities in safeguarding patron information.

Reporter permissions will not be granted to generic library accounts. Please ensure your staff accounts contain the following: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number & Address. Incomplete staff accounts will not be granted reporter permissions.

If you only need access to view report output; sign this form

If you need access to both view and create reports; sign this form

NOTE: If you have already completed a Reporter Privacy Waiver you DO NOT need to submit another one. If you can run reports you have previously completed a waiver.