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Why can’t I log into the Evergreen staff client?

May 20, 2021

If you’re unable to log into the Evergreen staff client with your library staff account check the following: you are logging into the correct server (ie. the live server and not the training server). your account has the correct working location. you are using your username and not your barcode. you are using the correct… Read more »

How do I edit staff accounts?

December 14, 2016

Library staff accounts in Evergreen are treated the same as patron accounts. All staff can edit their own username, password, and email address by logging into My Account in the public catalogue. Staff with an email address in their account can use the Forgot Your Password link in the public catalogue. You can retrieve and… Read more »

How do I Delete Patrons?

December 9, 2016

The patron deletion tool developed by the BC Libraries Cooperative Support team is found on the Welcome or “Splash” page of Evergreen, the default view when you log in. You must login to the tool with your Evergreen Local System Administrator account. You can delete inactive cards and patron accounts, singularly or in small batches,… Read more »

How do I register an Evergreen staff workstation?

November 30, 2016

To register a staff client: Navigate to Sitka Evergreen’s secure URL in Chrome, https://catalogue.libraries.coop/eg/staff/login Enter your username and password. This must be an account with local system administrator permissions. Enter a name for your workstation in the Workstation Name field. If name already exists, you can accept the prompt to force action or use a… Read more »

Why can’t a new staff account log into Evergreen staff client?

Working locations must be assigned to a staff account for that account to function properly. If a working location is not assigned to a particular staff login account, staff will not be able to log in to the staff client and will be prompted to have a Working Location assigned. Local System Administration permissions are… Read more »