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Evergreen 3.11 Preview

BC Libraries Cooperative Support is upgrading Sitka’s Evergreen to version 3.11

Upgrade weekend: October 21-23, 2023

For more information on the upgrade see the Evergreen 3.11 Upgrade page.

Exciting New Features and Bug Fixes in 3.11


  • New option to view your password on the staff client login screen

Public Catalogue

  • New note field for hours of operation
  • Item statistical categories set to OPAC Visible display in the public catalogue
  • New option for patrons to view their password on the My Account login screen
  • Title details can now be emailed to patrons


  • Transit and hold transit slips now consistently include the destination library’s address
  • The strict barcode checkbox has moved
  • Item Status List View now includes a column for Total Circulations
  • Irrelevant options have been removed from the Actions menu on the hold shelf
  • New cancel reasons are available when staff manually cancel a hold
  • Patron notes can now be un-archived
  • Evergreen now asks for confirmation when archiving, un-archiving, or removing patron notes

Staff Catalogue

  • Records without any holdings are now highlighted in search results


  • Item notes can now be edited
  • Holdings templates can now be exported and imported via the holdings editor
  • Fast item add now works in Create a New MARC Record and the MARC Edit tab in a record


  • Cash Reports, Library Settings Editor, and Patrons With Negative Balances interfaces have been updated to the new angular code
  • New interfaces for patron and item statistical categories
  • Ability to add a note to your hours of operation
  • Shelving locations that contain un-deleted items can no longer be deleted
  • Deleted shelving locations are filtered out by default in the Shelving Locations Editor


Several interfaces in the acquisitions module have significant changes to how they look and function.

  • Load MARC Order Records
      • Templates can now be created for the different vendors you load records from
  • View/Place Orders
      • Now includes easy to use buttons
      • Record summary displays for the selected record
  • Purchase Orders
      • Functions and information has been re-arranged throughout the purchase order interface
      • Staff can control the number of rows that display per page
      • Line items can be filtered and sorted within a purchase order
      • Add Brief Record interface has been updated
      • Line Item notes and alerts opens within purchase order
  • Selection Lists
      • Interface has been updated
  •  Search
      • Actions for working with line items now available
  •  Administration
      • Two new library settings to control how Evergreen sets the owning library for line items