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Sitka (shared library database) Privacy Policy

All library users have a right to privacy and confidentiality when using Member library public access catalogues (PAC’s) or when interacting with Member library staff in their operation of Sitka’s Integrated Library System (ILS).

Personal information is collected by Member libraries under the authority of the Library Act and section 26 of the (BC) Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). This includes information related to registration, such as name, address, phone number, and circulation records, including information that identifies materials checked out by a patron. It includes any library record about an identifiable patron or individual.

By providing an email address at the point of registration in the ILS, patrons consent to receive notices (Courtesy (Pre-due) and Overdue notices) via electronic mail.

When a library user visits the library’s PAC, the IP address of the computer or internet provider and related site visit information may be collected. This information is only used in statistical (non-personal) form to help make improvements to the website.

Member libraries do not sell or rent personal information. Personal information is disclosed only in accordance with FIPPA.

The Member library will retain a link between the patron record and items returned for a reasonable period of time to ensure returned items are complete and in good condition. The library may store other personal information in the patron database but only where required. This may include answers to patron questions and logs that monitor use and possible abuse of the library borrowing policy or for related operational and statistical needs.

Member libraries will make all reasonable efforts to:

• minimize the amount of personal information collected and stored,
• render it anonymous where feasible,
• retain it for the minimum time necessary,
• protect it from unauthorized access, use or disclosure, and
• destroy it securely when no longer needed.

Personal information relating to a library user may only be used by library employees working within the scope of their duties on a need-to-know basis.

In accordance with the FIPPA, Member libraries may disclose minimum relevant information to companies acting on the library’s behalf such as for the collection of library property, unpaid fees, fines or other charges.

Records for electronic books may contain links to those ebooks hosted on 3rd party sites which have their own privacy policies, and which may be hosted in other countries.

These same standards for protection of privacy apply to the staff as users of Member libraries. For more information about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information, see Detailed Privacy Information or contact your library’s FOI/Privacy Officer.