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Past Sessions

We offer continuing training webinars on a variety of subjects.  This page contains a list of past Sitka training sessions and the related handouts.

Starting in April 2023 continuing training webinars are recorded: Sitka’s Evergreen – Continuing Training Webinars

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Add It To Your Bucket List


Do you have a list of topics you’d like to know more about? Join us and check buckets and lists off that list. Learn how to add items to buckets so you can batch edit them, delete them, or share your bucket with other staff. Discover how to use lists for sharing staff picks and recommended reading with patrons.

Advanced Reporting for the Adventurous


Find yourself emailing Sitka Support for new report templates on a regular basis? Wish you could tweak the templates yourself or create new ones from scratch? The session looks at tweaking the display fields and filters on existing Sitka Templates as well as giving you the knowledge to build your own basic and advanced report templates.

And Now For Something a Little Different: An Introduction to Cataloguing in the Web Client


You’re going to find cataloguing changed in the new web client.
Join BC Libraries Cooperative Support to explore new cataloguing workflows and new features.

Back to Basics: An Introduction to Circulation in the Web Client


You access it through a web browser, the menus and the screens look different but at its core circulation hasn’t changed that much. Join BC Libraries Cooperative Support to learn how you’ll access the web client, what circulation is going to look like, and get a peek at some of the new features coming in circulation.

Batches Can Change Your Life, or At Least Save You Time


Ever wish there was a little more time in the day? Join the BC Libraries Cooperative to discover how batch updating and batch loading can save you time and improve the catalogue. Learn how you can easily batch update items in Evergreen and when to ask Sitka Support for help. Discover report templates that will help you identify those items in need of updating. Find out how enhanced on order records and shelf ready items can add value to the catalogue and your library while saving you time. The only question you should leave with is what to do with the time you free up.

Co-op Resources


The BC Libraries Cooperative and Sitka Support now supply more tools and resources for libraries and their staff than ever before. Support will guide you through the tools and resources relevant to Sitka libraries. Learn how to login to the training server to practice and explore Evergreen. Explore the resources many resources available to you to expand or refresh your Evergreen knowledge. Discover how to use the website to discuss topics with other Sitka community members in a forum.

Cooperatively Cataloguing in a Consortium


Cataloguing in a shared bibliographic database works best when everyone is playing by the same rules. Learn what local data belongs in the local fields in the MARC record and what local data should be saved in the item record. Join us as we help you help make the catalogue better.

Credits, and Messages, and Bills! Oh My!


Don’t find yourself lost in the forest of billing. Follow along with Co-op Support as we journey through creating and paying bills, handling credit, viewing billing history, generating billing related reports, and messaging patrons. Learn how library settings can be set to void charges when lost and claimed returned items are found. Discover what bills and messages the Great and Powerful Evergreen generates for you. You’ll find yourself a wizard at billing and messaging in no time.

Cultivating and Pruning Your Patron Records : Patron Maintenance in Evergreen


Sitka’s shared patron database makes borrowing from a library easier than ever. Signing up a patron from another Sitka library just takes a scan and a click. But with patrons all over the place how do you collect accurate usage statistics?

Do you know what patron profile to choose? Do you know what’s required to opt a patron in at your library. How long do you keep expired patron records anyway? Where can your patrons track what they’ve already read? Learn some simple strategies for keeping patron records up to date and accurate.

Don’t Just Hoard Your Data: Polish It Up and Make It Shine

This session was presented at Beyond Hope 2023


A library generates a lot of data, much of which is squirreled away in your library system. Do you know what to do with your data hoard? Join us on a journey to sift through your accumulated treasure and pull out the gems, using reports in Sitka’s Evergreen, to better serve your patrons. We’ll also delve into identifying missing and incorrect data and how to fix it. While this session will focus on Sitka’s Evergreen and the report templates available there, library staff using other systems should be able to pull similar data from their systems.

Ending the Year With Acquisitions

This session is for libraries currently using the acquisitions module in Evergreen.


The fiscal year close-our operation (also known as year end) is an important part of acquisitions. Learn how to run the fiscal year end process and year end related reports in Evergreen. This session will also go through Sitka Support’s recommend workflow for year end.

Evergreen, BC Libraries Cooperative, and You : Sitka for Directors

This session is for library directors and supervisors.


The BC Libraries Cooperative and Sitka Support now supply more tools and resources for libraries than ever before. Sitka Support will guide you through the tools and resources relevant to Evergreen. Learn how to use the website to engage the Sitka community through a forum. Explore the resources available to you for training your own staff in Evergreen. Check and update your admin settings in Evergreen. Review the procedures for submitting tickets and learn how we’ve made it easier than ever before.

Evergreen Ephemeral: Receipts, Slips, Notices and More


There can be a lot of ephemeral in different forms involved in a single checkout. A single check out can involve transit slips, hold slips, check out receipts, email courtesy notices, email overdue notices, and paper overdue notices and invoices. Join us to learn about which slips, receipts, and notices can be customized for your library and how to do it. We’ll also share some cool things libraries have done to their receipts and notices.

Evergreen 2.12: The Next Chapter


Want to be extra prepared for the upgrade to Evergreen 2.12 coming to you this May Long weekend? Join Support as we look at the new features and bug fixes you will see in Evergreen 2.12. We’ll finish the session with a tour of the Upgrade webpage and some preparation tips.

Finding Your Best Match: Loading and Merging Bibliographic Records in Evergreen


As you search through the Sitka catalogue looking for that perfect record to match the book in hand you are confronted with seven almost identical matches. How do you choose between them? Do you really have to choose? What if you could turn those seven records into one perfect match?

Join us to explore the do’s and don’ts of merging records. We’ll also explore best practices around loading vendor records to ensure those perfect matches are preserved.

Getting Serious About Serials


Still using index cards to track which magazines have arrived and which are lost in the mail? Trying to figure out the newly streamlined serials module in Evergreen 3.1? Join Support to look at how the rejuvenated serials module can work for your library.

It’s Academic! – Evergreen for Academics

This session is intended for post-secondary libraries.


September has come and gone and the semester is quickly heading towards winter break. But wait, did you set up your hard due dates? Do you know how to set up your hard due date? Join Co-op Support for a look at Evergreen’s current academic functionality. Does your library do course reserves? Did you know Sitka has a Course Reserves add on? Is there academic specific functionality you wish Evergreen had? Learn out how to get involved with other academic libraries in the Evergreen Community to help shape the future of academic functionality in Evergreen.

More Than Just Cloning: Editing Report Templates


Have you got the hang of cloning report templates and want to learn how to do more with the templates? This session will look at adding and removing display fields and filters in report templates as well as some tips on how to make your report output more user friendly for staff.

Navigating a New Course: Using the New Course Reserves Module


Join us as we explore the new integrated course reserves module in Sitka’s Evergreen. Learn how to set up courses, easily add items and electronic resources to a course, and archive courses when they finish. We’ll also take a look at how the module integrates into the new public catalogue.

New Look, New Features, New Fun: An Introduction to What’s New in the Web Client


With so many changes, it’s hard to show them all. Join BC Libraries Cooperative Support for a look at some of the new features that will affect you and your patrons the most.

New Staff? Now What? : Training Tips from the Sitka Trainers


New Staff / Staff Exit Checklist

Have a new staff members who needs to learn Evergreen? Existing staff who want a refreshing on functionality? Learn about the many resources available to aid you with training on Evergreen. We’ll also cover the steps you should take when a staff member leaves your library to make sure you can still access the reports you need and keep the system secure.

No Anxiety Acquisitions


Join us to talk about the questions and issues that are frequently reported to Support. We’ll also go over current best practices for acquisitions and suggest some strategies for a little spring cleaning so you’re not surprised at year end.

Now You Know


Did you know Evergreen has a built in self check, a pop up diacritics window, an easy way to track your transits?

Had a question you keep meaning to ask? Include your question in the comments section when you register and we’ll include as many questions as possible during the session.

Join us to learn fun factoids about Evergreen and how it works. Library Science Rules!

On Order Record Loading Made Easy


Hold requests literally piling up on your desk while you wait for books to be published? Tired of having to check outside the catalogue to see if items are on order? Join us to learn more about loading Enhanced On Order records and how they can streamline your workflow and improve the service you offer patrons.

On the List: Holds Management in Evergreen


Your patrons want to be on the list so they can get that brand new book or maybe they want the book that someone else already has out. You want to make sure your holds work properly so that your patrons are on the list and get notified with the item comes in. Join us as we look at how to view holds through the catalogue and patron account, hold policies, hold related library settings, and tracking patron notifications. We’ll also look at how to use hold groups for popular authors and track and clean up hopeless holds.

The Patron Experience


Patrons are important. See Evergreen from a patron perspective as we look at OPAC account settings, Interlibrary Connect, authentication of 3rd party services and more.

Purchasing Power: Improvements in Acquisitions


Big changes are coming to acquisitions in Evergreen 3.11! Join us and be the first to learn about new settings, bug fixes, and see the new updated interfaces for purchase orders, line items, and loading MARC record files into acquisitions.

Reports for Beginners: Fun with Sitka Templates


This session will cover report basics including reporter terminology, setting up report folders, sharing folders, and using the Sitka templates. Whether you’re completely new to the reporter or looking for a refresher this session is for you.

Sharing is Caring: Interlibrary Loans in Evergreen


Sharing is what libraries do. Do you know your options when it comes to handling interlibrary loans in Evergreen? This session will take a look at sending, receiving, and circulating interlibrary loans through Interlibrary Connect as well as how to use pre-cats or MARC records to circulate interlibrary loans.

Shining a Light on Circulation Policies



Stumped because your dvds are circulating for 21 days instead of 3? Wondering how that patron managed to renew their interlibrary loan through the OPAC? Learn how circulation policies, patron profiles, circulation modifiers, shelving locations and global penalty thresholds work together to control how your collection circulates. This session also covers ways to check the accuracy of your item data and find and fix items causing circulation problems.

Spring Cleaning for Acquisitions


Don’t wait until year end to discover you forgot to receive a shipment of books or missed creating an invoice for that one order. Make sure your encumbrances are up to date throughout the year so you know how much you have left to spend.
Join us as we look discuss strategies and look at reports that will assist in keeping your acquisitions data clean and make year end close out a breeze.

Sprucing Things Up

Intended for staff from Manitoba Spruce Libraries.


Calling all Manitoba Spruce libraries! If you weren’t able to join us for the Sitka training session during the Spruce Rally Day now is your chance. Join us to look at importing and overlaying records via Z39.50, running reports, and Spruce Interlibrary loan procedures. The questions asked during the previous session will be reviewed and new questions answered.

Those Flummoxing Fixed Fields



Do you know how important fixed fields in MARC records are? Learn about the effects bad data in fixed fields has on catalogue searches and how records display to your patrons. Join Support as we unravel the mysteries of the fixed fields and help you help make the catalogue better.

Weeding out the lost and the missing : a look at collection maintenance in Evergreen


Have you ever had patrons frustrated because the book’s not on the shelf even though it says available? Thought you had a title only to find it was lost 6 months ago and never replaced? Have no room on the shelf for brand new titles?

Discover the work flows, tools, and reports available in Evergreen to help you with the sometimes daunting task of maintaining your collection. This session covers running a full or partial inventory, where to find reports for weeding, and strategies for handling lost items.