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The Patron Deletion Tool won’t delete my patron, why not?

January 24, 2017

Patrons with items checked out or on hold cannot be deleted until the items are checked back in and the holds are cancelled. As well, if the patron’s home library does not match your home library (or one of your branches) you will be blocked from deleting the patron. You can edit the patron’s account… Read more »

How do I edit staff accounts?

December 14, 2016

Library staff accounts in Evergreen are treated the same as patron accounts. All staff can edit their own username, password, and email address by logging into My Account in the public catalogue. Staff with an email address in their account can use the Forgot Your Password link in the public catalogue. You can retrieve and… Read more »

Why Can’t I Find Opted-in Patrons by a Name Search?

December 13, 2016

Ensure that all workstations have the Patron Name Search (F4) set to search Sitka by default. This setting is sticky and we recommend it be selected. Searching Sitka means you search all patrons registered with your home library AND any Sitka patron you have opted-in with their consent. If you do not set the patron… Read more »

Can my patrons opt out of email notices?

Yes, if a patron would like to opt out of receiving welcome, courtesy, overdue, and account expiry emails they can do so through  Preferences -> Notifications in My Account in the public catalogue. Information on how to opt out can be found here. This documentation is available to your patrons via the Help link in footer… Read more »

Why can’t I edit a patron’s address?

December 9, 2016

If the address fields in the patron’s account are greyed out, it means the patron’s address is owned by another patron. In this case, the address can only be edited in the patron account that owns the address. Click the link for Owned by PATRON NAME found in the address section. The patron account that… Read more »

How do I Delete Patrons?

The patron deletion tool developed by the BC Libraries Cooperative Support team is found on the Welcome or “Splash” page of Evergreen, the default view when you log in. You must login to the tool with your Evergreen Local System Administrator account. You can delete inactive cards and patron accounts, singularly or in small batches,… Read more »

How do I Check that Evergreen Sent an Email or Text to my Patron?

Emailed and texted messages are viewable on the staff client via patron or item records. To view these messages, called triggered events, for a patron, find the patron record and select Other → Triggered Events/Notifications. By default, events with complete status for pre-due and overdue notices are displayed. You may need to wait a couple… Read more »

My patron has no bills, why is there a block on their account?

December 7, 2016

Patron accounts can be blocked for a number of reasons, including too many items being checked out, or too many overdue items.  As well, staff can create manual blocks on a patron’s account. System generated blocks will be cleared when the cause of the block is resolved.  Staff with appropriate permissions can temporarily override blocks…. Read more »

Can I Set or Change Maximum Items Out or Maximum Fines for My Patrons?

Maximum items out, maximum overdue items, maximum fines, and maximum lost items allowed on patrons’ accounts can be set by you in Group Penalty Thresholds. You access Group Penalty Thresholds via Admin > Local System Admin > Group Penalty Thresholds. You must be logged into Evergreen as a Local System Administrator to manage these settings…. Read more »