How do I request extra copies of a book via Interlibrary Connect for a book club?

June 17, 2021

Bringing in extra copies of a title for a book club is one of the few circumstances where we recommend placing call number level holds on items owned by other Interlibrary Connect libraries. Never place item level holds for Interlibrary Connect holds as they will not be filled. Information on placing call number level holds… Read more »

Why isn’t there an address for the library on the transit slip I printed?

January 27, 2017

When generating transit slips Evergreen uses the the Hold Address saved for the library the item is transiting to. If no address is entered the following text will appear on the transit slip “We do not have a holds address for this library.” If you encounter this you can contact the library directly or contact… Read more »

The Patron Deletion Tool Won’t Delete My Patron, Why Not?

January 24, 2017

Patrons with items checked out or on hold cannot be deleted until the items are checked back in and the holds are cancelled. As well, if the patron’s home library does not match your home library (or one of your branches) you will be blocked from deleting the patron. You can edit the patron’s account… Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Re-barcode an Item?

December 13, 2016

The simplest way to replace an item’s barcode is to use the Replace Barcode function on the Circulation drop down menu. You will be prompted to enter the old barcode and then the new barcode. Replace Barcode function is also available on the Holdings Maintenance screen. The Edit function (the link beside item’s barcode) on… Read more »

Why Can’t I Find Opted-in Patrons by a Name Search?

Ensure that all workstations have the Patron Name Search (F4) set to search Sitka by default. This setting is sticky and we recommend it be selected. Searching Sitka means you search all patrons registered with your home library AND any Sitka patron you have opted-in with their consent. If you do not set the patron… Read more »

Can My Patrons Opt Out of Email Notices?

Yes, if patrons would like to opt out of receiving welcome, courtesy , overdue, and account expiry emails they can do so through their account preferences on the OPAC, or staff can un-check the box “Receive Overdue and Courtesy Emails” in Edit screen in patron account.

Why Can’t I Edit Patron’s Address?

December 9, 2016

If the address field is greyed out it means the patron’s address belongs to another patron, so you need to edit the address in the address owner’s account. Click the blue coloured link of the address owner’s name. The address owner’s account will be opened in a new tab. You may edit the address there,… Read more »

Why Didn’t a Hold Get Captured When I Checked-in a New Book?

This is normal behaviour as the holds targeter only checks for older holds once every 24 hours at roughly the hold request time. It would target the checked-in item the next day, but you can force it to re-check immediately by using the check in modifier Re-target Local Holds when checking in an in-process item,… Read more »

How do I Clear a Negative Balance Bill on a Patron’s Record?

The easiest way to clear a negative balance is to select the line item in the patron’s Bills screen, and click Actions for Selected Transactions → Adjust to Zero → Yes. For more information see You can also use Evergreen’s Refund option to clear a negative balance, or add a positive bill in equal… Read more »

How do I Delete Patrons?

The patron deletion tool developed by the BC Libraries Cooperative Support team is found on the Welcome or “Splash” page of Evergreen, the default view when you log in. You must login to the tool with your Evergreen Local System Administrator account. You can delete inactive cards and patron accounts, singularly or in small batches,… Read more »